#AmericanHorrorStory–Curtain Call

The Details Dandy kills almost all the freaks when they decide to quit. The twins, Desi, and Jimmy drown Dandy in the Houdini chamber. They tell him that he is the biggest freak of them all. Elsa becomes a successful TV star. She says that she has always been cursed. First by having her dreams … Continue reading #AmericanHorrorStory–Curtain Call

American Horror Story–“Show Stoppers”

The Details Stanley gets turned into a bird Freaks style (the allusion I've been waiting for!). Dandy sweetly informs the twins about Chester. Maggie gets sawed in half. Nobody cares, because, as Desi says, "She had it coming." Chester turns himself in for murdering Marjorie (and not Maggie). The twins tip Elsa off that the … Continue reading American Horror Story–“Show Stoppers”