#AmericanHorrorStory–Blood Bath

The Details

  • Ethel accuses Elsa of killing Ma Petite and shoots a hole through Elsa’s wooden leg. Elsa kills Ethel and gets Stanley to cover it up.
  • Regina comes to Dandy’s house looking for her mother.
  • Elsa recruits Ima Wiggles to the show. Jimmy tells Elsa the show is dying, that it’s too late.
  • Desi and some of the other women help Penny get revenge on her dad. Esmeralda interrupts them. The conversation surrounds whether Esmeralda has any right to stop them. Esmeralda counters that whatever opportunities they may still have will be wiped out if they kill Penny’s father. Penny, the Astounding Lizard Girl, lets him go.
  • Dandy’s mother wants to take him abroad. He threatens to kill himself (but he’s faking), and she says she couldn’t go on without him, so he kills her and takes a bath in her blood.
  • Esmeralda tries to get Jimmy to lead again, but he’s still grieving his losses.

The Big Q

When should we give up the struggle? When should grief resolve in acceptance?

The Impact

The general cast is navigating the loss of loved ones, but also Dandy’s mother is struggling to accept his insanity and Penny is struggling to accept the injustice done to her. While certainly not timed this way, it’s an apt week for this Big Q because it’s in the news. How long do we fight injustice? When does fighting injustice inhibit healing? Can we only fight if we have not allowed our wounds to heal? In the end, how much control do we have over how long we grieve anyway?

What did you see last night?

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