#AmericanHorrorStory: Orphans

The Details

  • Salty dies, and Pepper is upset. We get the story of when she was the first monster.
  • Maggie gets drunk and tells Desi what she’s been up to with Stanley.
  • Elsa takes Pepper to live with Pepper’s sister.
  • Maggie shows Desi the museum with Ma Petite, Salty, and…Jimmy’s hands! Aack!!!
  • Pepper’s sister frames her for murdering her baby and has her committed to the asylum.
  • We learn that Elsa does make it on TV.

The Big Idea

Our family is the one we make.

The Impact

Who you’re willing to fight for may have everything or nothing to do with blood, but families are the people willing to see the good in each other, no matter what the world expects. Orphans are the people no one has brought into their family, or the people who have refused all ties to others. Elsa makes a strong case in this episode that anyone is lovable if you get to know them.

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