#AmericanHorrorStory–Curtain Call


The Details

  • Dandy kills almost all the freaks when they decide to quit.
  • The twins, Desi, and Jimmy drown Dandy in the Houdini chamber. They tell him that he is the biggest freak of them all.
  • Elsa becomes a successful TV star. She says that she has always been cursed. First by having her dreams taken from her, then by having them all come true. Elsa asks Mossimo to run away with her, but he has radiation poisoning…so that’s not going to work out.
  • The TV exec discovers how Elsa lost her legs and what happened to the Jupiter freak show, and he terminates her contract. Elsa agrees to give her final performance on Halloween.
  • She summons Mordrake to kill her, and he sends her to freak heaven.
  • Ethel tells Elsa that she doesn’t have to pay for her sins–she was only performing her role.

The Big Q

What’s your role?

The Impact

Often, we consider a “role” as a negative concept, that we are cast and limited. In show business, all roles are essential and valuable. It’s your performance that’s unlimited. Performing your role to the best of your ability brings you acclaim. The trouble with real life is our role is not as obvious as a playbill. And yet, once you know your role, you can shine.

Cheers to another great season!

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