American Horror Story–“Show Stoppers”


The Details

  • Stanley gets turned into a bird Freaks style (the allusion I’ve been waiting for!).
  • Dandy sweetly informs the twins about Chester.
  • Maggie gets sawed in half. Nobody cares, because, as Desi says, “She had it coming.”
  • Chester turns himself in for murdering Marjorie (and not Maggie).
  • The twins tip Elsa off that the freaks are going to get their revenge for Ethel, so she sells the show again. This time, to Dandy.
  • Elsa’ doctor makes Jimmy new lobster hands. We find out that Dr. Arden from Asylum (a.k.a. Hans Gruper) is the one who removed Elsa’s legs.

The Big Q

Going into the finale, the violence has been amped up. Most of the people who “had it coming” get it this episode. The only two left are Dandy, who has made a remarkably untrustworthy turn toward sweetness, and Elsa, who we know makes it big in L.A. and ultimately was more good than bad. The Big Q this week is “What do we deserve?”

The Impact

With the body count mounting, we find ourselves judging more and more: this death = good; this death = bad. But who the heck are we to justify deaths in this manner? I certainly hope that when I die, the same formula isn’t used.

Any predictions for the finale? Also, is anyone happy that Dandy finally gets to be a thespian?

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