#AmericanHorrorStory Edward Mordrake Part 1

Yippee! The first part of the Halloween episode is here! The Details Ethel learns that her cirrhosis will kill her. Desiree and Dell fight about Dell's impotence. Esmerelda (fakes?) a fortune reading for Elsa. The fortune reading inspires Elsa to break superstition and perform on Halloween, which summons Edward Mordrake. Dandy impersonates Twisty. Bette and … Continue reading #AmericanHorrorStory Edward Mordrake Part 1

“Massacres and Matinees” #AmericanHorrorStory

This episode is all about the evolving relationships between the characters, the hierarchies and groupings that create alliances and loyalty. Details The strong man (Michael Chiklis) and the three-breasted woman (Angela Bassett) join the freak show. Dandy (Finn Wittrock) is upset with his life and wants to join the freak show, but Jimmy (Evan Peters) … Continue reading “Massacres and Matinees” #AmericanHorrorStory