#AmericanHorrorStory–Tupperware Party Massacre

The Details

  • Dandy kills an Avon lady and a bunch of women at a Tupperware party. He bribes a police officer to work for him in exchange for killing Regina.
  • Elsa and Stanley persuade the twins that they will take them to have surgery.
  • Jimmy is still drunk and grieving.
  • Dell attempts suicide.
  • Bette and Dot decide against the surgery.

The Big Q

What do we do with the past?

The Impact

As Ethel so aptly puts it at the Tupperware party, it’s odd to save the past for the future. You’ve got to let it go. Dandy uses the past to bankroll his future, to explain his destiny. Jimmy uses the past make make destructive choices. Dell uses the past to explain his life away. The most optimistic approach is that of Bette and Dot. Dot has one perspective on her past, but when she hears Bette describe it, she realizes that it is a past of love. So what should we do with our pasts? See them with new eyes and make a better today.

What other big Q’s are you seeing lately?

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