Watch or Don’t: As Above/So Below

Before we begin, found-footage was the only thing that took me out of this movie, because it nauseated me. I enjoy the authentic fear reactions and dialogue, but can’t that happen with a steady camera? I’m not going to be so post-modern to question the presence of a camera to tell the story. We need it. Duh. Found-footage does a great job of not relying on music to create fear, but traditionally shot films like The Innkeepers have also gone this way, along with an authentic acting style. Found-footage is basically an indie film relying on a trick to get a wider audience. That said, I still recommend As Above/So Below from a conceptual standpoint.


Out this weekend, As Above/So Below is a found-footage horror film about a group that goes into the Parisian catacombs looking for the fabled philosopher’s stone, a potential source of eternal life.

Entertainment Value

  • I loved the National Treasure-style fun facts about the catacombs, alchemy, Nicholas Flamel, and Dante’s Inferno.
  • Claustrophobia freaked me out this entire movie. The actors committed to being scared, so I was scared.
  • Scarlett (Perdita Weeks), the protagonist, is brave and singular. I loved cheering for her.

Dark Muse Value

The film asks questions like…

  • How do we rectify our wrongs?
  • What is the true source of eternal life?
  • Is the world what we believe it to be because it’s what we believe it to be?
  • How are Truth and truth different?

Verdict: WATCH

3 thoughts on “Watch or Don’t: As Above/So Below

  1. danielortiz26 says:


    I ran into your site writing my own review on As above so below. Wanted to see if we could follow each other. I’m trying to improve on my critiquing. I find it interesting when mutual views are shared.


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