Watch or Don’t: Horns

Adapted from the novel by Joe Hill, Horns follows Ig (Daniel Radcliffe), who develops horns after being accused of murdering his fiancee (Juno Temple). Entertainment Value Daniel Radcliffe has horns, but he's not as timid as the protagonist in Kafka's Metamorphosis. Also, people do what he says, and he has some wicked fun with that. … Continue reading Watch or Don’t: Horns

Watch or Don’t: It Follows

It Follows is about Jay (Maika Monroe), a young woman who is followed by a vengeful spirit after a sexual encounter. If the spirit gets to you, you die, and it reverts to the person who gave it to you. Entertainment Value It honors the genre: a teaser death in the beginning, fantastic synthesizer score … Continue reading Watch or Don’t: It Follows