Spooky Shot: Isolated Ground

0731141943Over the summer I stayed in a college dorm during a conference. My husband and I quickly moved our mattresses to the floor, because the beds were so awful (it’s amazing what college kids–and what I years ago–considered awesome accommodations). We uncovered this outlet while rearranging the furniture.

These outlets reduce electrical noise, especially in public buildings with lots of electronics, but they are also used in homes. The reason why it’s orange and has a little green triangle on it is to let you know to PROTECT THE OUTLET FROM DANGER. Apparently, the safety record on these dudes is a little lower than your typical outlet.

With that information, let’s wax symbolic, shall we? It’s spooky to be on isolated ground–cut off. The upside is the silence. No noise means contemplation. The downside is you’re alone, and when you’re isolated, there’s no getting away from it.


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