Watch or Don’t: The Conspiracy

The ConspiracyThe Conspiracy is another film from Matt Barone’s list, which gets updated regularly with good horror additions now streaming on Netflix. Check it out this list. He hasn’t been wrong yet. A couple weeks ago I discussed my beef with found-footage, but this is a perfect example of how to do it right.


Shot as a documentary on conspiracy theories, two filmmakers get involved in unraveling a dangerous secret.

Entertainment Value

  • Good found footage. It has that authentic feel of found footage, because it’s shot as a documentary. When the filmmakers go undercover, they where tie-clip cameras. These filming styles put you in the action without kick you out of it with faux-shoddy camera work. Since the camera work didn’t exclude me through difficult viewing, I got lost in the terror of the situation.
  • National Treasure + Conspiracy Theory + The Matrix = layers of paranoia that hang around you for days

Dark Muse Value

This film made me wonder

  • Is ignorance bliss?
  • How far would I go to know the truth?
  • Is my world created to perpetuate evil for the benefit of the few?
  • Do I only ask that questions that I have permission to ask?

Verdict: WATCH

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