The Details Food and water are running low. So is morale. Maggie, Sasha, and Daryl are all grieving losses. Father Gabriel reaches out to Maggie, but her faith is dead. Sasha won't listen to group plans to fight walkers, instead going on renegade battles that put the entire group at risk. Daryl retreats to the … Continue reading #TheWalkingDead–Them

#TheWalkingDead–What Happened and What’s Going On

The Details The group takes Noah home to Richmond in hopes that his community is as safe as he says it is. It's not. Tyreese dies after having one of the show's most meta moments, conversing with several deceased cast members. Everyone's feeling nihilistic, but agrees to try for Washington D.C. The Big Q Does … Continue reading #TheWalkingDead–What Happened and What’s Going On