#TheWalkingDead–Self Help


We follow Abraham’s group heading for Washington D.C.

The Details

  • The group encounters several setbacks, to which Abraham’s answer is to always push forward.
  • Maggie says that there’s more to why Eugene won’t cut his hair, comparing him to Samson, and bringing up the story of the lion carcass.
  • Eugene reveals that he is not a scientist. Boom!
  • Abraham beats Eugene, maybe to death(?).
  • We get Abraham’s back story, that his family left him in fear and were killed. Just as he was about to commit suicide is when he met Eugene.

The Big Q

Does everyone deserve to survive?

The Impact

Eugene is clearly very cunning, but he uses that cunning to deceive. Deception is a key factor in the Samson story. At first, Samson withholds what he did to the lion, then he toys with people using a riddle. In the end, his wife deceives him into revealing the truth–his own deceptions get him in the end. Sometimes Eugene uses deception to save people, like with the fire hose, which was awesome. Abraham, whose family would rather be dead than with him, is a survivor, because he concentrated his physical gifts to help Eugene get to D.C. Presumably, his family would rather he be away from them or dead, meaning they don’t think he should survive, even though genetically he is well suited for it. At this point, everyone surviving is better for the human race, but necessity is not the same as deserve. In a show, the audience evaluates all the characters, chooses their allies, and decides whose deaths are worth morning. The audience determines deserves, but as we all know, in reality, no one gets what they deserve.

What do you think?

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