#TheWalkingDead–What Happened and What’s Going On


The Details

  • The group takes Noah home to Richmond in hopes that his community is as safe as he says it is.
  • It’s not.
  • Tyreese dies after having one of the show’s most meta moments, conversing with several deceased cast members.
  • Everyone’s feeling nihilistic, but agrees to try for Washington D.C.

The Big Q

Does life matter?

The Impact

The entire episode is a meditation on the purpose of life. Since life is so hard, when is it worth trying and when should you “pay the bill”? When Tyreese is dying, it is implied that he has some level of choice in whether or not he dies, or, at least, whether or not he accepts the death he has been given. Rick and Glenn also discuss whether anything matters, and Michonne pushes for the group to find something more than survival. While bleak, this is a question that bothers me from time to time. It’s nice to see a show not rush to gloss it over. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like life matters, and while that’s not helpful, it’s real.

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