The Walking Dead–“Slabtown”

The Details Beth got "saved" by a group that lives in a hospital in Atlanta. Good for her. The hospital group's philosophy is that nothing is free, so Beth must stay and work off her debt for being saved by them. Beth meets a doctor that seems like a good guy, but he is perpetuating … Continue reading The Walking Dead–“Slabtown”

#TheWalkingDead: Four Walls and a Roof

The Details Gareth's group eats tainted meat. Gareth leads an attack on Rick's group that fails. They slaughter Gareth and his people in the church, which Maggie says, is just "four walls and a roof." Gabriel confesses that he locked his congregation out during the height of the infection. Abraham refuses to wait for Carol … Continue reading #TheWalkingDead: Four Walls and a Roof