The Details

  • Beth helps Carol by getting her medicine.
  • Maggie helps Abraham by getting him to drink water.
  • Glenn helps Rosita by inviting her to join them now that Eugene’s quest is over.
  • Rick and Daryl lead a group to save Beth and Carol.
  • Tyrese helps Sasha get over Bob.
  • Sasha tries to help the new Bob deal with the loss of a friend.
  • Michonne and Carl try to help Gabriel adjust to the world.

The Big Q

Why is it harder to accept help than give it?

The Impact

The most suspenseful moments lingering over the mid-season finale are whether Gabriel will ever accept the group’s help, which he so obviously needs, and whether the new Bob will complete return to warn Dawn after tricking Sasha into helping him. Sasha has had a very hard time after the loss of Bob. Will this incident set back her healing? Will Abraham continue to accept help as Eugene wakes up? Will they both find their place in the group, now that their helpful mission is debunked? The characters on the show who have grown the most are the ones that have learned to accept the help of others: Rick, Beth, Daryl, Carol, Michonne, and Glenn have all grown in this way. While they were always helpful characters, true transformation only came through allowing others to help.

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