Watch or Don’t: Jessabelle

Jessabelle only received a limited release in theatres last fall, so it just made it to my hometown via Redbox recently. Summary After a car accident leaves her with temporary limited mobility, Jessabelle must move in with her estranged father and discover the secrets of her mother who died when she was young. Entertainment Value … Continue reading Watch or Don’t: Jessabelle

Watch or Don’t: Black Rock

I chose this movie, because Kate Bosworth was awesome in Blue Crush. That has nothing to do with horror films (and I wasn't a fan of Straw Dogs), but I went for it anyway. She's so charming. Summary Sarah (Kate Bosworth) convinces her two estranged friends, Abby (Kate Aselton) and Lou (Lake Bell), to go … Continue reading Watch or Don’t: Black Rock

[Guest Post] Monster Mash: When It’s Too Long at the Party

I’m going to venture a suggestion that flies in the face of over eight decades of Hollywood tradition:  Movie monsters are not fundamentally franchisable. Did the sequels to Psycho or Silence of the Lambs inspire the sheer terror of the originals?  The more we knew about Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter, the more comfortable, oddly … Continue reading [Guest Post] Monster Mash: When It’s Too Long at the Party