Halloween Movie Month: The End of Days


Released in theatres this past weekend, Ouija is the story of Laine (Olivia Cooke) trying to find out how her friend Debbie (Shelley Hennig) died. I love Olivia Cooke in Bates Motel, and I enjoyed her in this too. There some good artistry in set design and color use (red vs. blue). It’s a pretty classic contemporary evil spirit story, but I’m interested in Ouija boards, so it worked for me.

**Wednesday at 7 PM CST Scream**

Follow along with The Midnight Society as I host a tweet-along of Scream. Use #everydayishalloween to join in the fun!

The Cabin in the Woods

This was a re-watch for me. I love this smart horror film that plays on all the tropes. As always, Joss is boss. A perfect day would be watching this alongside Evil Dead and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

October 31st

You’ll have to choose how you want to finish your month, but here is a great resource:

What will you be watching for this week’s grand finale?

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