Watch or Don’t: Jessabelle

Jessabelle-2014Jessabelle only received a limited release in theatres last fall, so it just made it to my hometown via Redbox recently.


After a car accident leaves her with temporary limited mobility, Jessabelle must move in with her estranged father and discover the secrets of her mother who died when she was young.

Entertainment Value

  • Louisiana. I will always tune in for something set in Louisiana.
  • The fear of immobility. Jessabelle has no money and no (good) family, in addition to losing her physical mobility. Seeing someone who believes she is “trapped” in so many ways is scary.
  • Sarah Snook, who plays Jessabelle, is great. I would watch her be scared again for sure.
  • All of the things that don’t add up in the beginning come together in the end.

Where It Went Wrong

The cliche count is high with this one:

  • Louisiana (bummer)
  • Early parent death
  • Accident as inciting event
  • Videotapes to advance the plot
  • A ghost that alive people misunderstand
  • Voodoo (though parts are fairly authentic)

Verdict: DON’T (unless you’re like me and will sit through anything for some Louisiana atmosphere)

What to Watch Instead

  • The Skeleton Key
  • The Others
  • Rosemary’s Baby
  • The Ring
  • The Conjuring

What did you think? Any other Deep South, possession, or misunderstood ghost stories to recommend?

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