Watch or Don’t: The Tall Man

The Tall Man caught my eye on Netflix, because not only does it star Jessica Biel, she also produced it. I don’t tend to imagine her as a horror fan, so her belief in the script intrigued me.


Children have been disappearing in the struggling mountain town of Cold Rock. Many people believe it’s the legendary Tall Man. When the son of the only “doctor” (nurse, Jessica Biel) goes missing, we embark on a journey to a conflicting discovery.

Entertainment Value

  • Jessica Biel fights a rabid dog in the back of a runaway truck!
  • The setting. This isn’t “entertaining” so much as it is realistic and gritty. Schools have closed down. Children wander around. The poverty weighs over the people.
  • Plot twists. While there’s a little too much exposition surrounding some of the twits, I appreciate that the writers know this is something viewers won’t see coming, and they’ll need help adjusting.

Dark Muse Value

  • Why are we so afraid to face the monster of greed?
  • Can the cycle of poverty be broken without significant actions?
  • When is wrong right?

Verdict: WATCH

Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

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