Spooky Shot: Chester’s Chicken

On my walk home from the grocery store, I saw this and walked right by it.


Big deal, huh? I didn’t think so, but then I thought, ‘We don’t even have a Chester’s!’ That made me snap a picture. After doing some follow-up research, it turns out Chester’s is served at a gas station 2 miles away from where I found this–definitely not at the closest gas station. It could have been a Chester’s fan that went and got it. It could have been someone visiting a friend. It probably was someone eating chicken in their car who threw it out the window.

Trash like this freaks me out. It’s basically someone’s footprint. I don’t know who they were or why they couldn’t just throw it away. Littering is definitely a lesser evil in the grand scheme of things, but it indicates other evils that send my imagination spinning. According to a University of South Alabama study, litter is negatively correlated with educational attainment, labor force status, and socioeconomic status. Litter could represent people angry with their life circumstances and the environments to which they have been relegated through any number of evils: a greedy world that funds wages and schools unfairly, chemical dependence, or negative and limited life options. Any way you slice it, they may feel the world has left them in a place not worth their love.

This particular relic scares me, because Chester is creepy:

Who do you think is the creepiest mascot? Remember to contact me if you find a spooky shot to share!

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