Should You Watch All the Boys Love Mandy Lane?


Horror movie buffs are patient, generous people.  We are prepared to watch more crap than the average moviegoer, but the pay-off, when it comes, is higher. The last good movie I saw on Netflix was All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.


The premise is that late-bloomer, Mandy Lane, drives all the teenage boys crazy, especially her best guy friend, who you get the sense has been friend-zoned hard. When Mandy is invited along with the cool kids to a remote ranch for a party weekend, a killer picks them off one by one.

Entertainment Value

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane wins points for creative deaths (think unconventional use of a shotgun) and classic red herrings (a creepy ranch hand shoots a water moccasin just before it bites our precious Mandy). Early on I was thrown by the indie style–there’s a lot of talking and subtle foreshadowing in the movie. For some people, this = boring, but I think this understatement makes the ending all the more delightful.

Dark Muse Value

Points for exploring the following questions:

  • Who really holds social power?
  • How does beauty affect our perception of safety?
  • How do the relationships we build condemn us?

Verdict: WATCH

What did you think?

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