4 Reasons Spring Is Scary


We often link horror to fall, but what about spring? Is it immune? Baby bunnies and fresh daffodils beware!

1. Weather

It was a dark and stormy night happens most often in the spring. Also, Night of the Twisters, anyone?

2. Religious Holidays

What’s creepier than Passover? Lamb’s blood is rubbed over your doorway to keep God from killing your first-born. All the other plagues of Egypt show up in movies already. Then there’s Easter, which celebrates one of the original zombies–Jesus.

3. New Life

Those baby bunnies are also easier for my cat to kill. New life = more chances for death!

4. Spring Fever

Falling in love too hard and too fast–great motive for a deranged killer, right?

What else is scary about spring?

Spring Scary Movies

  • Carrie
  • Prom Night
  • The Reaping
  • The Evil Dead and Evil Dead
  • I Am Legend (not sure on this one, but it gets credit for using vibrant flora and fauna to set a creepy mood)


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