#AmericanHorrorStory: Edward Mordrake Part Two

Edward Mordrake continues to look for the freak who should join his undead crew.

The Details

  • Seal Boy shares that he could not tattoo his face like the rest of his body, because it was so beautiful.
  • Elsa shares the horrible story of losing her legs, drugged and on film.
  • Jimmy Darling saves everyone from Twisty. It brings the townsfolk and the freaks together. Yay!
  • Twisty tells Edward Mordrake how people refused to believe that he was a good person because of their bias. Of course, he went too far trying to win people back.
  • Dandy picks up Twisty’s mask and his crimes.

The Big Q

What makes a crime unforgivable?

The Impact

The tricky thing in this episode is that you can’t hate anyone, except Dandy. Everyone gets along, united by what really matters, what’s good. Now, the crimes Twisty committed are still wrong, but once we understand him, is it possible to forgive him? The problem with Dandy is that we still have no idea why he does what he does, which makes him unforgivable. I’m curious once we learn his motives if we’ll be able to forgive him.

What do you think? What’s the difference between forgiveness and understanding?

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