#AmericanHorrorStory Edward Mordrake Part 1

Yippee! The first part of the Halloween episode is here!

The Details

  • Ethel learns that her cirrhosis will kill her.
  • Desiree and Dell fight about Dell’s impotence.
  • Esmerelda (fakes?) a fortune reading for Elsa.
  • The fortune reading inspires Elsa to break superstition and perform on Halloween, which summons Edward Mordrake.
  • Dandy impersonates Twisty.
  • Bette and Dot fight about whether they should be separated.

The Big Q

How does pretending to be someone we’re not hurt us?

The Impact

Just in time for Halloween, we have an episode the reflects on life’s masquerades. All of these prove to be detrimental. Ethel will die drinking instead of acknowledging that drinking has brought her downfall by staying off of it. Desiree and Dell project a happy, sexually fulfilled relationship, but the fighting caused by living a lie will cause trouble this season. Esmerelda’s performance as a fortuneteller to steal and kill a freak will likely led to her being caught and turned into a freak (a la Freaks), or some other revenge. Elsa’s refusal to shape her dream to reality will lead to the death of a freak, the very people that attract audiences to see her. Dandy has allied with a serial killer. Yeah. Bette and Dot disagree about whether they would be better together and limited to freak shows or one living out a “normal” life.

What do you think? How does pretending to be someone we’re not hurt us? When does pretending to be someone we’re not help us? Did I miss any details?

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