The Details

  • Morgan outsmarts a couple of the Wolves, but Daryl and Aaron get caught in one of their traps. Morgan saves them. They take Morgan to Alexandria.
  • Nicholas tries to kill Glenn, but Glenn prevails and has mercy on Nicholas.
  • Father Gabriel goes cuckoo with guilt, then leaves the gate open.
  • While everyone debates exiling Rick, he single-handedly saves them from the walkers that got inside. Everyone decides he can stay, especially when he is willing to kill Pete after Pete accidentally kills Reg.

The Big Q

In the zombie apocalypse, do you have to be able to do the dirty work?

The Impact

In this episode we see a range of characters dealing with their abilities to do (or not do) the dirty work. By that I mean implement the tough actions necessary for survival. It seems like a simple affirmative when we think about Rick, Daryl, and Glenn, three men who consistently put the needs of the group before their personal preferences. But what about Morgan, who’s completion of dirty work has sometimes been over the top? The Wolves are definitely an over-the-top group. And what about Father Gabriel, who is so easy to hate? Could he have saved his congregation by letting them in, or would they have all died, assuming someone who came in was bitten? Was locking them out the dirty work? We see how well he’s handling it. It’s one thing to do the work, and it’s quite another to live with it.

Where do you draw the line with dirty work in the zombie apocalypse? Can some carry the burden for others? Is that okay?

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