Norma arrives at the morgue to identify a body

The Details

  • The dead girl is a DIFFERENT dead girl.
  • Romero questions Norman, who denies any knowledge of what happened.
  • Norman yells at his mother for telling Romero, then locks himself in the bathroom, where a vision of his mother tells him to drown himself in the bath to remember what happened to Annika.
  • Emma delivers Dylan’s weed to his house, where she discovers he’s been hanging out with her ex-boyfriend and Caleb. Dylan asks her to keep Caleb a secret.
  • Annika returns, giving Norma a flash drive before dying of a gunshot wound.

The Big Q

Who can you trust?

The Impact

We only know of people what they reveal to us through their actions and words, and the same is true on Bates Motel. Emma is trusted–everyone spills their secrets to her–but how much trust can she take before the burden is too much? Romero is trusted because of his relentless pursuit of the truth, but the people of White Pine Bay are beginning to mistrust him, that his leadership does not have their best interests in mind, especially if their interests are illegal. Norman’s narrative is completely untrustworthy, as is Norma’s to some extent. This brings us to Caleb. Dylan may not be ready to admit it, but he’s beginning to trust Caleb. So far, everything we’ve seen on screen about Caleb indicates that he’s a good guy, but Norma’s narrative (and something about his face…) leave us waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Who do you trust most on the show? Can we ever trust Norman?

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