Norman is roused from sleepThe Details

  • Norman is afraid that he killed Annika, even though he didn’t.
  • Norma and Dylan try unsuccessfully to unlock the data on the flash drive Annika gave Norma. Several parties are looking for it.
  • Dylan enjoys getting to know both of his parents. For once, he feels loved.
  • Norman grows jealous of Dylan’s relationship with Norma and discovers that Dylan is harboring Caleb. Dylan begs Norman not to ruin things for him with Norma, but Norman refuses.

The Big Q

Is belonging more important than complete honesty?

The Impact

Norma and Dylan are not honest with Norman about his condition, but the knowledge may not be particularly helpful. Dylan is not honest with Norma about Caleb (who still hasn’t done anything wrong on the show), and the knowledge would only hurt her. In both of these cases, I am sympathetic (with a murderer and a rapist–eek!–but that’s the brilliance of the show). The problem is that so often the knowledge withheld impedes our ability to belong. If Norman didn’t feel like Norma and Dylan treated him like an outsider, he never would have gone in pursuit of knowledge to make Dylan take his place on the outside. What’s interesting is that the person who withholds the most knowledge, Norma, is never on the outside. As their mother, she holds the power. She will never not belong.

Will it ever be possible for these sons to successfully oust their mother’s control over them?

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