Christmas with Gremlins


After spotting this artwork, I decided to dedicate this Christmas post to one of my favorite movies , Gremlins. This movie provides powerful lessons that can sustain you the whole year.

1. In the eyes of a child, money is no substitute for love.

Gremlins (1984) - Randall Peltzer tries to purchase the mogwai at the Chinese antique store.

“I’m sure he’ll like this more than talking about his life. I know I will!”

2. Never underestimate someone on the basis of appearance.

If the bullying, comedy, and gun-toting gremlin weren't enough, go see this for little Gizmo's sake!

“Small and cute now does not mean small and cute always.”

3. Everyone makes mistakes.

Posted Image

“If I can’t feed them after midnight, when exactly am I supposed to feed them?”

4. Life is full of twists and turns.

Did you miss this day in science class?

5. It’s okay to express fear.

17 - Gizmo Darts photo 17-GizmoDarts_zps59992736.png

Brothers and sisters can be real jerks sometimes.

6. Ask for help when you need it.

Gremlins (1984) - Mr. Hanson is impressed with the fascinating little creatures.

I am fully prepared to help any of my students deal with a rogue species.

7. Enjoy friendship.

They’re the only thing that make paying extra for a 3D movie worth it.

8. Women will always be cleaning up the mistakes of men. Moms will always be the best people on the planet.


Take that, June Cleaver!

9. You don’t need the perfect voice to share the songs in your heart.

%name Warner Bros. Hires Seth Grahame Smith For Gremlins Remake

At least they know the words!

10. Karma is real.


11. You can face your fears.

Just envision yourself destroying your fears with flaming arrows.

12. Don’t let life’s ridiculousness stand in the way of love.

Gremlins (1984) - Billy and Kate share a tender moment before hunting for Stripe.

“The town may be taken over by gremlins, but I think this is the perfect moment for us to define the relationship.”

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