Spooky Sign

I was walking to work the other day, when I glanced over at a modest house. In the flower bed, they had planted this sign:


No, there haven’t been a rash of burglaries or home invasions in the neighborhood, but they do happen on occasion. After I saw The Strangers, I have been afraid of home invasions, no matter how unlikely they are to happen. In that respect, I can understand how posting a sign like this might make a homeowner feel safer. I wonder what the neighbors think. If it seems like the sign is just pointing to their houses saying, “Steal from them instead!”

I wasn’t sure how to react to this. Part of it seemed funny, someone who would typically be victimized going on the offensive with brutal honesty, but I couldn’t quite laugh. Nothing inside might be worth dying for, but there are clearly things inside worth killing for.

Has anyone else seen these signs? What do you think of them? Remember to contact me if you find a spooky shot to share!

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