Watch or Don’t: Legion

Syfy has a new show, Dominion, that follows the events of Legion twenty-five years later. In order to check out the show, I needed to check out the movie.


The angels are the bad guys in this movie about an unborn child that they have been directed by God to destroy. One angel opposes this plan–Michael (Paul Bettany). Ground zero is a diner in the middle of nowhere, where a small party of people are brought together to defend the woman pregnant with the child (Adrianne Palicki).

Entertainment Value

  • The angels are grotesque, which makes you assume they’re demons at the start.
  • The archangels use their wings as weapons, which leads to some cool fights.
  • Tyrese Gibson and Dennis Quaid are awesome members of the party, and even supporting roles have their own motivations, which enriches the apocalyptic story.

Dark Muse Value

The movie suggests all of the following:

  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell good from evil.
  • Doing what you’re told is not the same as doing the right thing.
  • Everyone matters. Everyday matters.
  • Your actions create hope or despair in others.

Verdict: WATCH

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