Boo! You’re Invited to My Halloween Party!

To all you who say it’s too early to start preparing for Halloween, I say that the trick is to never stop preparing. I saw my first box of Halloween candy at the store yesterday, and then Renae Rude posted this:


‘Tis time, boys and ghouls! In honor of my favorite holiday, I’ll be hosting a Halloween party on this blog every day October. Not only that, I’m inviting you to share in the festivities! So, what are you bringing to the party?

We Need…

  • Reviews for movies and books premiering in October
  • Recommendations for a week’s worth of good horror movies
  • Flash-fiction campfire stories
  • Deadly design tips for costumes, make-up, and decorating
  • Reviews of current American Horror Story: Freak Show and The Walking Dead episodes
  • Haunted City Guides
  • Spooky Shots
  • Your creative proposals!

Halloween is (sadly) more than two months away, but that means you have plenty of time to get your post ready. Submit what you’re bringing to the party using this form. I’ll be in touch to confirm your submission.

Post Requirements:

  • at least 300 words
  • have one or more accompanying image(s) (if possible) that meet fair use guidelines
  • include a short author bio with social media links and/or author pic.
  • some will follow a particular format for consistency (see links for examples)

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