Watch or Don’t: Return to Horror High

George Clooney’s film debut, Return to Horror High bills him second on Netflix, but don’t get too excited. If you really want early Clooney, go watch The Facts of Life.


A crew is at Crippen High School making a film about the string of murders that were carried out a few years earlier. As people begin to die, an actress (Lori Lethin) and a local cop (Brendan Hughes) realize the killer is still out there…maybe.

Entertainment Value

  • Harry Sleerik (Alex Rocco) plays the producer, who of course, wants more naked women and more blood, even if the story doesn’t call for it.
  • Quality kills. Someone gets sucked into a bottomless sand pit and someone else gets dissected frog-style.
  • The actress wears a lavender jumpsuit.

Dark Muse Value

This film moves the viewer from The Evil Dead toward The Blair Witch Project and Scream. It’s funny and self-aware. Of course, there are moments that don’t quite fit (it’s pushing the genre some place new), but at the same time, it succeeds in being fresh and surprising in the end.

Verdict: WATCH


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