Spooky Shot: What the Rain Washes Away

If you saw my aliens post, you know it’s been raining a lot here lately. The fun part? I’m reading IT by Stephen King, so all this rain freaks me out sets the mood. There’s a creek near my house that’s been much higher than usual, and the other day when I drove over the bridge, I found this bike standing on it.

0709141111cHello, bike! Of course, the initial questions are who found this bike (presumably in the creek) and whose was it? But let’s examine the details. The bike seat is all ripped up. It’s a teen or adult bike. The purple color suggests it may have belonged to a female (as does the frame of it). These look like mountain bike tires.

With all these details in mind, there are a few possible theories:

  1. Teen tossed the bike in the river so her parents would buy her a new one (or buy her a car). Due to the bike’s ripped up seat and its slow tires for town driving, this bike may have frustrated her.
  2. An evil sibling tossed it to get revenge on Sister for being alive doing annoying stuff.
  3. Punk rock biker gal was mudding through the creek when the cops saw her. She had to ditch the bike and head for cover. By the time she returned, meddlesome neighbors had taken it.
  4. Pennywise the Clown ate the rider.

0709141110 0709141111   0709141111d 0709141112

So what happened to the bike? It stood in that exact spot on the sidewalk for three days. On the fourth day, someone moved it from in front of this house to the next neighbor’s yard (ha!). On the fifth day, it was gone.

Have you ever found anything cool in the rain? Submit your own spooky shots here!

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