The Purge: Watch or Don’t?

The PurgeWith The Purge 2 on its way this summer, my friend and I decided to watch the first. My thought was, if it’s no good, at least I didn’t pay $9.50 to see it.


Set in 2022, America’s new governing system allows a 12-hour window of legal crime annually. We follow a family that does not participate in the Purge normally, but is nevertheless sucked in to the anarchy.

Entertainment Value

The Purge has one hell of a premise, sort of The Hunger Games for adults. Because of this story world, suspense runs high. It is unclear who should be trusted, because in the absence of law, people change (just ask Piggy). While this isn’t a found-footage movie, they are able to make good use of plausible surveillance coverage, as well as a mobile robot with a charred baby’s head on top of it called Timmy, which was created by the son of the family. The main villain, credited only as Polite Leader (Rhys Wakefield), stole the show. Reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s Joker, his wicked smile and stiff ideologies don’t disappoint.

Dark Muse Value

It explores disturbing questions, such as:

  • Is murder an inherently human activity?
  • Who are we without the law?
  • Are we our brother’s keepers?
  • Is it better to kill the poor or let them suffer?

Verdict: WATCH


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