Do Our Alliances Determine Our Identities? The Walking Dead’s “Us”

Don't look back


In this week’s episode, we finally see multiple parts of the group (rather than following 1-2 story lines), as well as the tearful reunion of Glenn and Maggie.

The Details

  • Rick enjoys the playful bet between Michonne and Carl. She is a lot warmer than she used to be, and Carl, for once, is acting like a kid.
  • Daryl learns the “rules” of Joe’s group. Joe consistently says things like, “Guys like us,” to Daryl. He also says, in one of my favorite lines from this week, “Ain’t nothing sadder than an outdoor cat thinks he’s an indoor cat.”
  • Glenn and Tara take off alone through a dark tunnel, and when Tara gets trapped, there’s a moment where you wonder if Glenn will leave her so he can get to Maggie rather than die in the tunnel.
  • Maggie burns Glenn’s picture of her so they will never be apart again (words that should not be uttered in an apocalypse).
  • Eugene makes Abraham and Rosita go back for Glenn and Tara, even though he needs to get to Washington to save the world.
  • Mary is the only person at Terminus.

The Big Q

These details demonstrate that it’s through relationships with others that people’s true identities are revealed. Michonne is more herself with Carl than anyone else on the cast. Glenn is once again a person of fantastic character by refusing to leave Tara, and then not telling Maggie about Tara’s role in her father’s death. He essentially gives Tara a new identity as part of the group. Daryl is walking the fine line between being what he maybe was before the apocalypse and being who he has become with Rick’s group. Disturbingly, Mary is the only lone person in the entire episode, further emphasizing that we know nothing of her identity.

The Impact

Next week, all of the groups will likely make it to Terminus, and as alliances are forged and reforged, everyone’s true colors will shine. Since Mary clearly has a group, given the size and scope of Terminus, we will know her when we know them.



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