The Walking Dead–“Slabtown”

The Details

  • Beth got “saved” by a group that lives in a hospital in Atlanta. Good for her.
  • The hospital group’s philosophy is that nothing is free, so Beth must stay and work off her debt for being saved by them.
  • Beth meets a doctor that seems like a good guy, but he is perpetuating a negative system. His defense is that Peter didn’t have a choice to stand up for Jesus, because they would have just crucified him too.
  • Beth tries to escape with another captive. He gets away.

The Big Q

If everyone you know is already dead, is there anything left worth dying for?

The Impact

This episode is all about deciding what to sacrifice and why. The majority of the hospital group believe that they are saving people and preserving order, which makes their less ethical moments forgivable. The doctor only stayed because he’d rather live than die. Beth would rather take her chances dying, but they wouldn’t let her. Beth still knows people she loves that are alive. That’s why she’s willing to take the risk.

What do you think? What else did you see in this episode?

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