Harrowed: Woodsview Murders #1 Cover Reveal

Welcome to authors Brian LeTendre and Jolene Haley whose book, Harrowed: Woodsview Murders #1, is on spotlight today! Synopsis Journalism Rule #1: Always report the story. Never become the story. Avery Blair has accepted the fact that nothing exciting ever happens in her small town of Woodsview, Massachusetts. As the editor of the high school … Continue reading Harrowed: Woodsview Murders #1 Cover Reveal

Shaytan: A Journey Into Evil by David S. Arthur

Welcome to author David S. Arthur whose book, Shaytan: A Journey Into Evil, is on spotlight today. Synopsis India – 1947. In the heart of the jungle, death stalks the night. The authorities claim it is a man-eating leopard. The natives believe it is something far more terrifying—a creature that by day wears the skin … Continue reading Shaytan: A Journey Into Evil by David S. Arthur