Why Are We Online?

I’m proud to have published on this blog twice a week without cease for 14 months. Readers, thank you for being on this journey. Real life things have been happening, and I owe you an update:

  • I’m expecting my first child in the fall.

This is a fair-use baby, presumably blogging or looking at cat pictures.


I’m tired all the time. Don’t worry–I won’t turn my back on horror. Still, all new parents ask themselves, who am I when I’m a mom/dad too? Does it fundamentally alter me? What will I need to release to invest in my child, and what should I maintain as part of my unchangeable identity?

  • I graduated with an education specialist degree in literacy education leadership.

Do degrees count in utero?


Another reason why I’m tired all the time. As this will likely be my last degree ever, if not for a long time, I’m asking, Now what?

  • I accepted a promotion as language arts curriculum coordinator + still a teacher in my district.

As part of my new role, I want to bring literacy and education issues into my blog life and online identity. I wonder, Can I be a horror votary and an advocate for adolescent literacy? Will the online world accept me as a whole person as opposed to a solitary platform?

After floundering in a social media life-crisis for about a month, I read this article about the future of blogging that gave me perspective. Here’s what I took away:

1. Worry begets noise; simplicity begets joy.

Rather than add to the Internet’s noise because I’m worried if my platform is getting enough attention, I want to simplify by posting a little less (once a week here and once every other week on The Midnight Society). This will help me preserve blogging here and hanging with The Midnight Society while making time for the joys in my real life.

2. Quality content comes from real people.

I’ll be bringing my teacher and life identities into my work online. Beyond horror, I’ll focus on all the good and interesting things going on around me. By posting less, I hope to bring the most important content I can while feeling like a whole person.

3. *Some* rebranding may be in order.

Check back in the month or so for a new look to support my new mindset.

How has your blog evolved with you? Any recommendations for balancing life changes with lifetime loves? What’s your response to the shifts Victoria predicts in the blogosphere?

3 thoughts on “Why Are We Online?

  1. Sara says:

    When I first started blogging, I was very strict that every post had to match my platform. As I “grew”, I wanted to talk about more so I started new blogs. At one point I had over 5 blogs, all with very strict topics. They were a lot of work. I barely had followers. I was frustrated and exhausted. The “rules” were too hard to follow.
    Then I started my current blog. My goal was to write about whatever I wanted. I threw out the rules and the concept of platform and just write. I am more consistent and I feel like my blog is more successful than I would have expected.
    I, now, recommend it to everyone who struggles with their blog. People like authenticity. They like connecting with the writers. Yes, a platform gets them interested but it’s the writer that keeps them interested. Be real, be yourself. Your blog doesn’t have to be 100% horror – it can be 25% and still be enough. Besides, it would be fun to see what horror inspired items you get for the wee one.


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