#BatesMotel: The Pit

Norma answers the door

The Details

  • Bob has a “pool” dug at the motel. James gets interrogated by Bob for dirt on Norma. Bob spills the dirt to Romero.
  • Emma breaks up with Norman.
  • Dylan and Caleb head for the border with some guns.
  • Romero tests Norma to see if she’ll continue to lie to him. She fails the test.
  • Norman tells his mom about James saying Norman is sexually attracted to Norma. She tells Norman that it’s ridiculous, but nobody believes that.
  • Things get fishy gun running when Pierre expects Chick to be there.
  • James tells Norma about his confession.
  • Bradley is back!

The Big Q

Can we change who we are?

The Impact

After all that’s happened, some things stay the same: Norma is still a liar. Norman is still disturbed. Emma is still sick. Dylan is still trying to save people. Bradley will still wreck Norman (I’m assuming, anyway). For better or worse, the characters are who they are.

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