Watch or Don’t: You’re Next

I missed You’re Next in the theatres, so when it popped up on Netflix, I had to check it out.


When Erin (Sharni Vinson) goes with her boyfriend (AJ Bowen) to a dinner party at his parents’ house, a group of killers terrorizes them.

Entertainment Value

  • There’s a fun, classic teaser kill at the beginning.
  • Erin is a total boss–think Home Alone if Macaulay Culkin did that now.

Dark Muse Value

Sorry folks, this one is pretty straightforward. Usually that would be an immediate ticket to Don’t Watch Land, but I had a lot of fun watching Erin. Other than that, the acting isn’t great and the plot is unsurprising. If you’re looking for home invasion with depth, go for The Purge or The Strangers.

Verdict: WATCH for fun only–no thinking allowed;)

What did you think?

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