#AmericanHorrorStory–Test of Strength

The Details

  • Jimmy gets the twins back.
  • The twins keep Elsa’s secret. Bette wants the royal treatment. Dot wants money for separation surgery.
  • Richard blackmails Dell into killing a freak.
  • When Dell fails to kill Eve, Jimmy talks to him about leaving the show before he gets murdered. Ethel wants justice the only way they can get it, by taking it into their own hands.
  • Jimmy tells Dell he knows that Dell is his father. They get roaring drunk, and it seems unlikely that Dell will be leaving.
  • Penny’s father turns her into a freak, so she can be with Paul.
  • Dell kills Ma Petite.

The Big Q

Is justice ever transcendent?

The Impact

Ethel has a poignant conversation with Jimmy about how the police will not help Eve after Dell assaults her. She says that hope is meaningless, and that the only way to get justice is to take control. Richard can’t get Maggie to kill a freak, so he takes control of Dell to do it. Dot and Bette take control of Elsa after she wronged them. Penny’s father takes control of Penny one last time before she flees to Paul. And in the end, to save his own skin, Dell kills Ma Petite, the shows most hopeful, optimistic character. Maybe Ethel was right, that justice only exists within a community, but never transcends beyond it.

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