Guest Spooky Shot: Creepy Alley

While Ruth and I were out for lunch, we saw this alley, and Ruth put her photographic skills to work.

Ruth Spooky Shot

On the bottom left, in addition to the typical liquor accoutrements, there are about a dozen eggs, some broken, some whole. Not just any eggs, but brown eggs. You know, the fancy kind you get at farmer’s markets. Eggy vandals are not known for eco-consciousness, so who wasted all those farm-fresh eggs? And where’s the carton?

In this light, the stain leading to the doorway looks like blood. I promise it’s not. Really.

On the left, you can see the edge of a circle along the wall. That’s one of those silver buttons you push to open a door. We pushed it. Nothing opened. But we did get some strange looks as we peered down the alley, watching for something to happen.

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve seen on the street, especially in an alleyway? Submit your own spooky shots here!


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