Spooky Shot: Stairway…to Your Doom?


My favorite part of hiking is finding small, tucked-away places, like caves, or in this case, a stairway! When I see something like that, I want to walk it. Caves, of course, are naturally occurring secret places. This stairway is part of the trail, so it’s not that surprising. This is actually my second stairway post. The other one was creepier.

So if this stairway looks cool, but isn’t really that spooky, what’s the deal with staircases? Think about staircases in horror movies. They are always bad. It must be a combination of a fear of heights, no longer being “grounded,” and having to take the low ground when you have no idea what awaits you from above.

Why else are stairways spooky? Submit your own spooky shots here!

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