Four Lessons from Dr. Hannibal Lecter #marchtowardmadness

Congratulations to Dr. Hannibal Lecter, our March Toward Madness Chiller Champion! It’s been a harrowing journey for Dr. Lecter. He defeated Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers in the human division before facing Pinhead in the Final Cut Four and Vigo in the championship match. So, what have we learned?

Lesson #1

Humans prefer other humans. Until the voting is opened to monsters and demons, humans (and former humans) will maintain the competitive edge. The world is not yet safe for equal representation in the villain community.

Lesson #2

Human villains are better, because they rely not on supernatural abilities, but on hard work to get the job done. After being orphaned in Lithuania, Dr. Lecter was raised by his aunt, immigrated to America, became a psychiatrist, and began his life’s work. It’s an American story of determination.

Lesson #3

Human villains are scarier, because we are more likely to run into one. Anyone could be Dr. Lecter.

Lesson #4

Evil is contagious. Monsters and demons do what they do, because they are monsters and demons. Humans (and formerly humans) have motivations. Something happened to make them who they are. Dr. Lecter witnessed the brutal murder of his entire family. To cope with such evil, he became evil itself.

Why do you think humans dominated March Toward Madness? Who should be included in next year’s tournament?



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