#BatesMotel–The Last Supper

Dylan is left to look after Norman

The Details

  • Emma gets in trouble with her father for not taking care of herself.
  • Romero acquires the flash drive and discovers that his mom’s name is on Bob’s ledger.
  • Dylan tells Norma about Norman pretending to be her.
  • Caleb rejects Chick’s offer, and Dylan accepts it. He wants to get some money to move Emma up the transplant list. Caleb tells Dylan that he can’t do it.
  • James visits Norman. It doesn’t go well.
  • Norma tells Norman it’s okay, uttering the famous, “We all go a little mad sometimes.”
  • Norma picks up a drunk Alex, who comes on to her, but she resists. Then Caleb shows up with flowers and a card. Norma tells Caleb that they can’t be friends, but then she invites him to dinner.
  • Everyone loves the dinner…except Norman, who enjoys sneaking into Norma’s room and caressing her while she sleeps.

The Big Q

What makes a good family?

The Impact

In this episode, we see explorations of the Decody, Bates, and Romero families. All three have problems, especially when members see bent on self-destruction. Two stay together in spite of those problems. While the Romero family may be fractured, it’s hard to say that they should have stayed together. Since we haven’t seen Emma’s dad in ages, we don’t have much information about how effective they are as a family, but we do see Emma yearning to join the Bates family.

Is the Bates family the best family on this show? Are they a good family?

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