#BatesMotel: The Deal

Dylan wakes up in a bar parking lot

The Details

  • Norma makes a deal: she’ll keep the flash drive safe in exchange for access to her motel from the bypass. It actually seems to work out.
  • Norman tells his hallucination of Norma about Dylan, which helps him accept that his blackouts are worsening.
  • Dylan decides to tell her about Caleb. Norman supports Dylan’s confession. Norma packs a bag and flees.

The Big Q

What makes trauma control someone’s life?

The Impact

Norman is living with the fact that he’s murdered two people. Dylan lives knowing that he has murdered and lives with memories of negligent parenting. Norma lives with her own family trauma, and she seems to be the least functional of the three of them, struggling to talk about her feelings. While trauma can never be minimized, is there a way Norma can be freed from its control?

What do you think?

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