The Walking Dead–“Spend”


The Details

  • Carol discovers that Jessie’s husband is abusing her and tells Rick to kill him.
  • Abraham joins a construction crew that wants to leave a crew member behind when walkers arrive. Abraham saves her life. The crew chief resigns so that Abraham can take his place.
  • Father Gabriel tells Deanna that the group is not to be trusted.
  • On a supply run, things go south. Aidan’s friend abandons him, then he abandons Noah and Glenn, leading to Noah’s death.

The Big Q

Is cowardice criminal?

The Impact

In each one of these, we see examples of cowardice: abusive partners and people willing to let others die if saving them may be difficult. Father Gabriel shows us what ultimately happens to cowards. He, who let his entire congregation die because of his cowardice, becomes a traitor to the people who have made him part of his family. This forecasts that the locals will turn on our group if cowardice defeats courage.

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