The Details

  • Rick, Carol, and Daryl make a plan to get some guns.
  • The group attends a party. Some of them do alright with it, but others don’t. Sasha’s PTSD flairs up. Rick kisses Jessie on the cheek (not good for her husband). Carol threatens a boy to keep the gun plan a secret.
  • Daryl doesn’t attend. Instead, he hangs with Aaron and Eric. He agrees to a job–recruiting with Aaron. It’s because he “can tell the difference between a good person and a bad person.”
  • Rick and Daryl decide they don’t really need the guns.

The Big Q

What makes someone an insider?

The Impact

Carol seemed like she was fitting in, but we knew she was lying. Rick also seems to be doing well, and even gets stamped on his hand (Jessie says, “You’re one of us now.”), but he wants to claim Jessie for himself, a decidedly “outside” thing to do. Daryl, the most obvious outsider, became an automatic insider by being invited to recruit. Sasha’s traumas from the outside continue to keep her from truly becoming an insider. Some of the insiders seem to always have been that way, to be absolutely unaware of what being an outsider would mean.

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