The Details

  • The group moves into the community.
  • They meet Deanna, who runs the community, and gives them all jobs.
  • Tension rises between Glenn and Deanna’s son when they go on a supply run together.
  • Everyone settles in…at least a little bit…except Daryl.

The Big Q

Is society worth reclaiming?

The Impact

There are some obvious pros here: baby food, school, and showers, to name a few. It’s interesting, however, to see most of the group revert to jobs similar to those they had before the apocalypse. But how does Carl just go back to school? How can Carol return to the family that no longer exists (for better and worse)? What about Daryl, who seemed to have no place in the former world? Gatsby said, “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!” General wisdom is that no, you cannot repeat the past, and that those who try are doomed to fail.

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